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Providing Next-generation Security Solutions and Infrastructure for AI & Blockchain


A Leading AI Company that elevates all financial products to have next-level security, stability, and scalability with a transformative protocol. 

Enhanced Security

We prioritize safety and efficiency in AI implementation. With state-of-the-art protocols monitoring security threats, we provide comprehensive solutions that include penetration test, dDoS/DNS attack detection, decentralization designs, and many more, to ensure trusted digital banking.

Cryptographic Authority

We apply established scientific research in Artificial Intelligence and Lattice-based cryptographies to minimize hardware & software computational cost while optimizing security levels. 

Optimized Efficiency

We provide LLM-powered, automatic implementation of secure banking solutions that streamline processes, minimize human error, and enhance operational productivity. With our secure solutions, financial institutions can enjoy increased efficiency, reduced costs, and a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

About us

SeQure is a cutting-edge startup specializing in the development of advanced security infrastructure for artificial intelligence and blockchain. Our team of experienced PhD professionals offers a range of software services designed to improve efficiency of financial products while bolstering security against sophisticated attacks. 

Machine Learning

SeQure offers an AI-enhanced On-Chain Anomaly Detection platform. Using advanced machine learning models, we monitor and mitigate security threats in real-time, ensuring robust protection for blockchain systems.


SeQure provides a comprehensive system that safeguards private keys with advanced cryptographic protocols. By leveraging lattice-based cryptography, secure multi-party computation (MPC), and fully-homomorphic encryption, we ensure superior security, robustness, and efficiency.

LLM & AI Alignment

We provide next-generation LLM products that priotize AI alignment and improved efficiency in digital banking.

Core Services

Our products are designed to solve the most pressing problems in AI implementation in digital banking.

Why SeQure

SeQure software products use cutting-edge technologies to empower next-generation banking platforms to have greater transparency, security, and efficiency.

Upgrade To Level 5 Security Standardized By NIST
Elevate Digital Banking by Cryptography+AI
High Prevention Rate and Detection Rate of Security Attacks and Bleaches

Implementation Process

The implementation of our platform is a smooth, automatic, and seemless process that does not interfere with any normal functions of our clients’ products. We also offer security consulting services by experts.

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